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Beyond Diet Reviews

Updated: August 6, 2014

The Truth About
The Beyond Diet Program

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Losing weight can be a difficult process. You might find your weight unchanged despite watching what you eat, following diet programs religiously and exercising regularly. It can be very discouraging when it seems like your hard work isn't paying off.

There are many options for those wanting to lose weight. However, many of them simply do not work, while other diets may be effective but they are hard to maintain for the long-term.

We've reviewed several of the most popular diet plans based on the following factors:

  • Is the diet easy to get started with and continue to follow?

  • Does the diet really help you lose fat?

  • Does the diet give you lasting results, not just short-term weight loss from dehydration?

  • Does the diet offer a support network to answer any specific questions you might have?

Our mission to help you find the best weight loss program for you - which means one that is easy to stick to while still giving you substantial results in the shortest time possible.


Overall Rating:

Innovative, effective diet plan. Easy-to-follow, healthy meals. Money Back Guarantee. Our #1 choice!


Review of The Beyond Diet Program
The Best Weight Loss Program for 2013

The Beyond Diet Program was created by nutritionist and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios. This program is the best one we reviewed because it encourages healthy eating habits coupled with easy-to-follow diet plans, all while helping you lose weight quickly.

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The Beyond Diet Program is based on tailoring your diet according to your metabolic type. According to De Los Rios, each body stores and burns food differently. Some metabolic bodies are suited to certain foods like these Paleo diet recipes, while others are suited to different foods.

Unlike many other diets out there, the Beyond Diet program encourages people to eat plenty of food - but healthy food. Fats, for instance, can be healthy if they are coming from sources such as nuts. De Los Rios discourages calorie counting or restrictive diets, but instead advocates eating delicious food that will help you maintain the diet.

The Beyond Diet program suggests that you eat whenever you are feeling hungry, without feeling guilty. It also suggests eating foods such as starch and soy, to provide protein and to act as a carbohydrate replacement. The main source of your food should be raw and organic, to maintain as many nutrients as possible.

Her plans include easy-to-follow recipes, grocery shopping lists, action lists to follow the principles of the diet, and meal plans for every day of the week. It also includes membership to a special member community, where questions or concerns are addressed, often by Isabel De Los Rios herself. Also - if you are unsatisfied, you can request a refund within 90 days.

Beyond Diet Review: Highly Recommended

Innovative, effective diet plan. Easy-to-follow, healthy meals. Money Back Guarantee. Our #1 choice!

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Overall Rating:

An effective, quality program, but counting calories makes it more difficult to follow than our top choice.


Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is our second choice for diet programs. What is great about The Venus Factor is it tackles the emotional side of weight gain. Many programs focus on the physical side, but the emotional side is just as important.

One of the aspects John Barban emphasizes is how weight gain can be caused by stress. This is due to comfort eating in times of emotional distress. He also offers strategies to handle unsupportive spouses. Another aspect of emotional overeating is night munchies, and how to overcome them.

The Venus Factor also addresses some common myths about weight gain. Mr. Barban debunks the myth that people are genetically predisposed to weight gain by saying that even those with overweight family members can lose weight, and keep the weight off. Instead, the Venus Factor shows that lifestyle is the main cause of weight gain.

The Venus Factor is a holistic program. Not only does it go through the emotional reasons for weight gain, but John Barban also goes through the lifestyle and dietary reasons. One of the main reasons he offers about weight gain are additives in food. The main culprit is High Fructose Syrup.

The starter program is free and if you like it, you can purchase additional modules.

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Overall Rating:

Good program with an emphasis on intense workouts. Fun and challenging for the intermediate to advanced exerciser.


Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs is our third choice. It focuses on burning fat on one the most prominent areas of your body - your stomach. The program promises results in 6-8 weeks. Truth About Abs aims to give you flat abs using methods that are more effective than crunches, sit-ups and ab machines. The program also removes dull cardio exercises that can blunt your motivation.

Using Truth About Abs, you can really activate your ab muscles. In fact, you can supercharge them so they burn fat more effectively, and develop muscle. The program shows what most conventional exercise programs are doing wrong, and how to properly get your muscles working.

The Truth About Abs is not just an exercise program. It also has tips on lifestyle and diet. Part of the program is dedicate to diet tips, such as what foods to avoid because they help you gain weight. There are ideas on how to avoid junk food cravings and what food to choose to quicken your metabolism.

You can purchase the program on their website and subscribe to the free newsletter for extra tips.

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