Isabel de los Rios’ “Beyond Diet”

The Beyond Diet Program by Isabel de los Rios


Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and a certified exercise specialist.  She is the owner of New Body, Center for Fitness and Nutrition located in Florham Park, New Jersey.  In the span of her career, she has aided thousands of people in losing pound after pound of undesirable fat.

isabel de los rios

Isabel de los Rios

Isabel graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in exercise physiology. She has been awarded several prestigious awards from professional institutions including the National Association of Sports Nutritionists, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute.  She started her career as an exercise and nutrition mentor in New York City at the famed Equinox Health Club.  Nearly a decade ago, she relocated to New Jersey where she founded New Body, her successful fitness and nutrition center where she advises a wide variety of individuals including those with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  She also advises people who are overweight or obese.  In addition, Isabel dedicates her time to counseling perfectly healthy individuals who simply wish to maintain their hardy lifestyles and prevent acquiring diseases like the ones mentioned above.

As a professional nutritionist and an expert on exercise, Isabel has been hired by dozens of newspapers to write articles on health and wellness.  She does not limit herself to teaching the essential principles of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to her clients only; she ardently advocates an active way of living at schools, women’s groups, parental associations, athletic leagues and the like.  Most recently, Isabel wrote Beyond Diet.  This is a simple, easy to follow guide to help people not only lose weight, but also maintain a vibrantly healthy lifestyle by following her guidelines on proper nutrition and adequate exercise.  Isabel’s cutting edge approach to a healthy weight and a longer life has been extensively covered by her books, innumerable online and newspaper articles, seminars held all over the U.S., and even in the media.

As an overweight child with family members who had suffered from chronic diseases such as diabetes, Isabel took the initiative to become a healthier and more active person to prevent herself from leading a dreary, unfulfilling life that would have certainly led to her early death.  As a teenager, she took the time to read every health and nutrition book she could get a hold of and she even sought out the help of health professionals and medical doctors who had found success in helping their patients not only lose weight, but keep it off.  Since then, Isabel has successfully lost dozens of pounds and led a dynamically healthy lifestyle by changing her eating habits and committing herself to a life filled with physical activity.  Her grand success story has inspired countless individuals to turn their unhealthy lives around by following her clear and simple guidelines based around proper nutrition and exercise.  Isabel’s effect on the world of health and nutrition is undeniable and it is clear that she will continue her journey to help people find and stay on the right path to a vivacious, fulfilling, and healthy life.

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