Beyond Diet Program Basic Package

Beyond Diet Program, the Basic Package


Beyond Diet, from nutritionist and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios is an e-book geared towards individuals who want to lose unwanted weight, or who simply want to increase their overall quality of living by means of proper nutritional practices.  The basic package of Beyond Diet provides easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes.  Also included are shopping lists, so that one is well prepared for following their plans and preparing their meals.  In essence, the guide revolves around informing the consumer about foods that can help lead to quick weight loss, that deter weight loss, and specific combinations that significantly increase the burning of fat.

The Beyond Diet program is not a strict regime that one must systematically follow to lose weight.  It simply provides the essential guidelines to proper nutritional consumption.  It is not comparable to diets such as the infamous “Juice Diet” in which one is restricted to drinking only fruit or vegetable juice.  With Beyond Diet, the buyer is given a vast array of foods to choose from while being guided at the same time on how to combine the foods for the best results.  Demonstrating how to avoid consuming too many calories in one sitting and combinations are adequately effective in burning excess fat.

Beyond Diet readily prepares one for their weight loss journey by providing a step-by-step process. The first few steps simply encourage one to write down their goals regarding health, weight, and life in general. The three critical steps are as follows: 1. Find out your metabolism type, 2. Find your ideal calorie range, and 3. Select the main foods that you want to be eating on a daily basis. The simplicity of these steps is what truly gets people motivated to start losing weight.

Also included in Beyond Diet is a long list of foods and products that should be avoided at all costs, especially for those individuals who are most concerned with their weight. Thorough information is provided regarding dairy products, fats, salt, sweeteners, alcohol, and grains that one should avoid. The list is very informative and it may prove to be a shocking for those who have been wondering for years why they haven’t been able to shed their unwanted pounds.

The one and only disappointment that buyers will find is the lack of exercise-related discussion throughout this e-book. De Los Rios recommends a few exercise guides that she has found to be effective, but as far as that goes, the topic of exercise is not a main focus.  As a whole, Beyond Diet is well written and comprehensible so that the buyer can easily adhere to his or her desired course of action. Buyers will be more than pleased with the overall effectiveness of the Beyond Diet program.  Whether you’re trying to lose large amounts of weight or you simply want to learn how to maintain a healthy way of living, Beyond Diet will prove to be effective in helping you reach your goals.

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