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Creator Provides Constant Support Through The Beyond Diet Blog

The Beyond Diet Blog is a free supplement to the all the materials in the plan package. The program can be a big change for beginners and many questions are bound to arise with the dietary alterations. The plan is a lifestyle change and many fast, easy dishes are off limits. Healthy foods take some adjustment, not only eating, but buying, storing and cooking to please both the palate and the waistline. Exercise is a must and has to be customized to each person’s weight, body type, age and health. Then all of this shopping, cooking, preparing and exercising has to fit into an already jam packed schedule. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to commit to all of this change at once. Then, if a little glitch or a question arises, or something is confusing, it puts that commitment at risk.

According to the Beyond Diet blog, creator/blogger Isabel De Los Rios and her team read every question, comment and email they get. They try to address each and every one if possible. She covers everything from recipes, individual food items, digestion and back pain. Some of the topics are really progressive and things beginners may not have thought of yet.

The blog is also fantastic marketing for anyone not quite sure about getting into the program to see how much support there is. In the Beyond Diet blog and the Facebook fan page, ‘fans’, Isabel and other Beyond Diet staffers share everything, from exercise tips and new workouts to meal timing, supplements, general friendship and camaraderie. The blog shows Isabel, her co-creators and exercise and nutrition partners didn’t just start the Beyond Diet as a business, but were sharing a program they created to succeed in their own weight loss goals.

The blog makes the system personal on a level that a book, or even a video, cannot possibly do. It’s the daily interaction that is missing in so many diet programs. Many people can initiate the change and be interested in making a better life and healthy choices, but then they have no daily support or people around them who are also trying, so they end up giving up or becoming isolated. One of the greatest gifts of the Internet and the connectivity of today’s world is that no one is ever really isolated. The Beyond Diet blog shows real care for the participants and this is obvious through the continued effort that they have no real obligation to provide. The blog is just a furthering of the theme that the creators are just like everyone else and they developed the system for all of “us”; the people who have been trying and failing to lose weight. They just wanted to share it with like-minded and also suffering people.

The Beyond Diet Blog is a great addition to the whole Beyond Diet plan, especially for beginners. Isabel De Los Rios, its creator, mans the blog and supplements the materials sold to subscribers in a way that keeps the user more in touch with a community of people trying to do what they are doing, while answering questions that may not have been considered or addressed in the original manual.

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